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E. McGregor, B. Thwaites, A. Vikander

SON OF A GUN (2014)SON OF A GUN (2014) 

GATUNEK – Akcja, Kryminalny, Dramat

OPiS FiLMU: Młody JR zostaje aresztowany za niewielkie przestępstwo. W twardych warunkach więzienia szybko zdaje sobie sprawę, że bez silnej opieki nie ma szans na przetrwanie za kratami. Młodemu przestępcy udaje się zawrzeć znajomość z groźnym kryminalistą uchodzącym za wroga publicznego numer jeden – Brendanem Lynchem. JR staje się podopiecznym gangstera. Wszystko ma jednak swoją cenę. Młody chłopak musi pomóc Brendanowi i jego ekipie w ucieczce z więzienia. W nagrodę za udaną akcję, JR dostaje propozycję udziału w napadzie na złoto warte miliony dolarów. Kiedy w grę wchodzą tak olbrzymie pieniądze, nie można ufać nikomu.

PLOT:  A 19-year-old youth, JR (Brenton Thwaites) is sent to an Australian correctional facility for six months as punishment for a minor crime. During his first few days at the prison, he finds his cellmate is being sexually abused by another group of prisoners led by a man named Dave. JR also comes across the charismatic Brendan Lynch (Ewan McGregor), Australia’s public enemy #1 and a notorious armed robber. Lynch is playing a game of correspondence chess when a passing JR points out an unseen checkmate against Lynch, demonstrates the move, and is dismissed. Later, JR finds his cellmate sharpening a shiv with the intention of defending himself against Dave. When Dave and his gang move to attack the cellmate, JR prevents the attack by initiating a fight. Lynch scolds JR for meddling in other people’s affairs, and soon after, JR’s cellmate is once again sexually assaulted. His cellmate attempts to commit suicide and he is hospitalized, causing Dave to focus his sexual attacks on JR. When Dave and his gang try to rape JR, Lynch and his men, Sterlo (Matt Nable) and Merv (Eddie Baroo), rescue JR and kill Dave. In exchange for Lynch’s protection during JR’s sentence, JR agrees to perform tasks for Lynch once he gets out of prison.

Upon release six months later, JR meets crime lord Sam (Jacek Koman), with whom Lynch is playing chess, and his nephew Josh (Tom Budge). JR is given an apartment to live in, as well as a briefcase of Lynch’s personal effects, including fake passports, clothes, and a pistol. Soon afterwards, a pretty young woman named Tasha (Alicia Vikander) arrives at the apartment to give JR some cash and a cellphone, which is used to receive instructions. Following instructions given, JR visits Private Wilson (Damon Herriman) at his trailer and illegally purchases various assault weapons. Upon receiving instructions, JR hijacks a helicopter used for scenic tours, and instructs the pilot, at gunpoint, to fly to the prison Lynch is still being held at. Lynch, Sterlo, and Merv orchestrate an escape by taking one of the prison guards hostage until JR’s helicopter arrives to extract them. Upon landing, the four men leave the helicopter and pilot in a field and drive away in a getaway car. While the car is stopped at a convenience store and Merv is buying food, the other three discover from a radio broadcast that Merv was incarcerated for raping a Perth schoolgirl, which Merv lied about to Lynch and Sterlo. Soon afterwards, Lynch brutally beats Merv and expels him from the crew.

The three head to Sam’s estate, where he recruits Lynch and his men to execute a gold heist at Kalgoorlie, where the expected payout is in the millions. Afterwards, a party occurs at the estate, and JR spots Tasha, whom he follows to the poolside. Before long, Josh decides to harass JR and pushes him into the pool. JR, unable to swim, is rescued by Tasha, and the two leave the party to eat at a Chinese restaurant. Here, Tasha reveals her previous relationship with Sam, and how people who run from him are killed.

The next morning, Lynch warns JR to stay focused on the task at hand and not be distracted by Tasha. They then visit the quarry they plan to rob. Lynch tells JR that his role in the heist will be to access the room with the gold and ensure that no quarry employees press the panic button. Lynch then goes and recruits a rally racer named Chris (Nash Edgerton) to be the getaway driver. Back at Sam’s estate, the gang plan the heist, and a fight breaks out between JR and Josh. The fight is broken up and Lynch tells JR to go calm down. JR heads to the bar where he sees Tasha, and scares away some men who are harassing her. Angry with his impulsiveness in scaring away the men, given that she does not have proper immigration papers, Tasha tells JR that he was being stupid, but when JR asks her to coffee, she asks him to meet her in the lake near his house. Later that night, JR sneaks out to meet Tasha and goes skinny dipping with her, and the two have sex in the water.

The next day, the group goes ahead with the heist. The group infiltrates the quarry and inserts JR into the ventilation shaft above the gold room. When the time comes, JR successfully intimidates the gold room employees to not press the panic button, and lets the rest of the crew in. Lynch then takes two employees to pour the melted gold into bars, but he goes against the plan and asks Josh to guard the employees while JR watches the gold pouring. This infuriates Josh, who ends up shooting an employee in the leg. Lynch breaks Josh’s nose with the stock of a shotgun, and returns to watching the gold being poured. Police arrive, and the crew walks into the open disguised as employees, but holding the real employees at gunpoint. Then, Lynch releases the hostages and opens fire on the police vehicles and personnel. Chris arrives with the getaway vehicle, but on their way out, Sterlo is shot through the abdomen and begins bleeding heavily. Chris manages to incapacitate the two chasing police vehicles and escape, but Sterlo dies at the end of the chase, instructing Lynch to give his cut of the heist to his wife.

Sam betrays Lynch, JR, and Tasha, but the three escape safely. The three travel to Melbourne where Sam plans to meet his fence. JR and Lynch sabotage the rendezvous, killing Sam’s henchman and kidnapping Josh in the process. After interrogating Josh, they find the gold stashed in a storage unit.

Lynch and JR kill Sam in his estate. Before JR and Lynch escape for good, Lynch offers him $350,000 to leave. Here it is revealed that when JR realized Lynch would discard him once he had acquired the gold, JR masterminded a plan to steal the gold with Tasha and take half. Lynch has no choice but to accept JR’s terms and wait. Before he receives the gold, however, a woman in a laundromat identifies him as the escaped convict, and Lynch is sent back to jail. Later JR sends Lynch a postcard detailing where the gold has been left for him, and a picture of a pregnant Tasha, hinting at an optimistic future.

American Mummy

American Mummy (2014)American Mummy (2014)

– Horror

– Studenci archeologii, wbrew wszelkim logicznym przesłankom, przeprowadzają rytuał krwi na odnalezionych mumiach, który budzi do życia głodnego zemsty ducha azteckiego lorda  Tezcalipoca.

– A group of university students in the New Mexico desert unearth an ancient mummy, on which one of the students performs a secret, primeval blood ritual. This awakens the death-hungry spirit of the Aztec Lord Tezcalipoca, intent on finishing his centuries-old reign of terror. Soon, the mummy’s curse possesses the students’ souls, turning them against each other in a bid to spread his evil to the entire world.

Pod Mroczną Górą / Black Mountain Side

Pod Mroczną Górą / Black Mountain Side (2014) - Horror, Thriller Pod Mroczną Górą / Black Mountain Side (2014)

 –  Horror, Thriller

 – Grupa archeologów odkrywa w Północnej Kanadzie zakopany w śniegu głaz z wyrytymi na nim pradawnymi napisami i symbolami. Badacze nieświadomie uwalniają starożytnego wirusa, ściągając na siebie nieznaną chorobę, która szybko dopada całą ekipę. Osamotnienie, paranoja i strach spotęgowany wizjami tajemniczej postaci zaostrzają trawiącą ich epidemię, popychając badaczy do coraz brutalniejszych zachowań.

 – Canada’s remote wilderness becomes a chilly catalyst for terror as a group of archaeologists uncover a strange structure buried in the snow. As paranoia and mistrust take hold, the researchers turn on each other, encouraged by visions of a mysterious figure lurking at the fringes of the woods. Is the terror real or a hallucination? Whatever they’ve unleashed is a powerful force they may never comprehend…if they survive.

Spustoszenie / Lemon Tree Passage

Spustoszenie / Lemon Tree Passage (2013) Spustoszenie / Lemon Tree Passage (2013)

– Horror, Mystery, Thriller

OPIS FILMU – Para Australijczyków zapoznaje trójkę amerykańskich turystów z lokalną legendą o Lemon Tree Passage, gdzie duch motocyklisty ostrzega młodych kierowców przed prędkością na drodze. Zobaczywszy zjawę po raz pierwszy, podróżnicy odkrywają wrogie siły rządzące okolicą, mogące spustoszyć ostatnie dni ich wakacji. Uwięzieni 10 tysięcy mil od domu i pozostawieni samym sobie, muszą spojrzeć w oczy złu o wiele gorszemu niż głosił mit.

– When a group of young backpackers learn of a ghost said to appear in the rear-view mirror of a speeding car they set out to recreate it with the help of some locals. After speeding down Lemon Tree Passage, a remote road surrounded by dense woods, their jubilation turns to terror as one by one each passenger begins to disappear in a violent fashion. Isolated and ten thousand miles from home, the tourists find themselves caught in the clutches of a malevolent force much more heinous than the local myth they set out to experience.

Brotherhood of Blades

Brotherhood_Of_Blades__2014Brotherhood of Blades (2014)

– Kostiumowy, Akcja, Romans

– Strażnicy pałacu dynastii Ming odkrywają, że jeden z nich zszedł na złą drogę. Jednocześnie nakłaniani są, by dołączyć do konspiracyjnych działań przeciwko cesarzowi.

– This is a movie set in the late Ming Dynasty. The 3 main characters are all elite guards for the palace. One of their fellow guardsmen goes bad. His former companions must now forget their bond and apprehend him. But are they being lured into a larger conspiracy against their emperor?

Kilo 2 Bravo / Kajaki

kilo_two_bravoKilo 2 Bravo / Kajaki (2014)

– Przygodowy, Biograficzny, Dramat

– Wrzesień 2006 roku. Grupa brytyjskich żołnierzy stacjonujących w południowym Afganistanie wyrusza na rutynowy patrol po tamie Kajaki. Gdy przechodzą przez wyschnięte koryto rzeki, jeden z nich następuje na minę pozostawioną tam przez radziecką armię dwadzieścia pięć lat wcześniej. Dochodzi do wybuchu; kolega z oddziału rusza na ratunek nieszczęśnikowi. Żołnierze uświadamiają sobie, że są otoczeni minami, a każdy ich krok może okazać się ostatnim. Fabuła tego realistycznego, trzymającego w napięciu filmu została oparta na faktach – jesienią 2006 roku jeden żołnierz zginął, czterech odniosło poważne obrażenia, a trzech straciło nogi za sprawą min pozostawionych w Afganistanie przez radzieckie wojska na początku lat osiemdziesiątych.

– A three-man patrol sets out to disable a Taliban roadblock. In a dried out river bed at the foot of the ridge, one of the patrol detonates a land mine, blowing off his leg and setting into motion a desperate rescue mission. His fellow soldiers come to his aid, only to find themselves trapped in an unmarked minefield, a relic of the Soviet campaign in the 1980s. With no way out, any movement risks certain injury and possible death. Out of this harrowing day came extraordinary tales of bravery, selflessness and heroism, but also tragic consequences, for leader Corporal Mark Wright and his comrades, who risked their own lives to help each other.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes / Ewolucja planety małp

dawn_of_the_planet_of_the_apesDawn of the Planet of the Apes / Ewolucja planety małp (2014) 

 – Dramat, Akcja, Sci-Fi 

 – Kontynuacja “Genezy planety małp”, w której poznamy dalszą historię przejęcia przez inteligentne małpy panowania nad naszą planetą i upadku cywilizacji człowieka. Rosnąca w siłę rasa genetycznie zmutowanych małp pod wodzą Cezara zmaga się z grupą ludzi, którzy przetrwali atak śmiertelnego wirusa, siejącego spustoszenie dziesięć lat wcześniej. Rozejm, który udaje im się osiągnąć, okazuje się krótkotrwały. Świat staje na krawędzi wojny, której zwycięzcy staną się dominującym gatunkiem na Ziemi. Reżyseria: Rupert Wyatt, w ”roli” Cezara ponownie Andy Serkis

 – Ten years after the worldwide pandemic of the deadly ALZ-113 virus, or Simian Flu, human civilization is completely destroyed all over the world. Over 99% of the human population has died in the pandemic, while apes with genetically enhanced intelligence have started to build a civilization of their own.

Near the ruins of San Francisco, Caesar leads an ape colony located in the Muir Woods. While walking through the forest, Caesar’s son Blue Eyes and his friend Ash encounter a man named Carver, who panics and shoots Ash, wounding him. Carver’s party, led by a man named Malcolm, arrive while Blue Eyes calls for the other apes. Caesar orders the humans to leave, and they flee to their community of survivors in San Francisco, who are genetically immune to the virus and living in a tower within the city. Prompted by Koba, a scarred bonobo who holds a grudge against humans for mistreatment, Caesar brings an army of apes to the tower, where he announces that while the apes do not want war, they will fight to defend their home. He demands that the humans stay in their territory.

Malcolm convinces his fellow leader Dreyfus to give him time to reconcile with the apes and gain access to a hydroelectric dam in their territory, which could provide long-term power to the city. Dreyfus, distrustful of the apes, arms survivors using an abandoned armory. Malcolm travels to the ape village, where he is taken to Caesar. After a tense discussion, Caesar allows Malcolm and the others to work on the dam’s generator on the condition that they surrender their guns. As Malcolm, his wife Ellie, and son Alexander work, they bond with the apes. Mutual distrust of both sides gradually subsides until Caesar discovers a gun Carver had smuggled and orders the humans to leave. But he later then allows the humans one extra day to work on the dam after Ellie uses medicine to treat Caesar’s ill wife Cornelia. Meanwhile, Koba discovers the armory and confronts Caesar, accusing him of loving humans more than apes. In response, Caesar severely beats Koba, but refrains from killing him; adhering to his philosophy that „ape not kill ape”. After recovering, Koba returns to the armory, where he kills two guards and steals an assault rifle. Returning home, he secretly kills Carver.

The dam is eventually repaired, restoring power to the city. During the celebration, Koba sets fire to the apes’ home, then, unseen to anyone else, shoots Caesar, who falls from the settlement’s main tree. In the subsequent panic, Koba takes charge and, implicating Carver in the shooting, urges the apes to fight against the humans. He leads them into San Francisco, where they plunder the armory and charge the tower. Despite heavy casualties, the apes breach the building using a hijacked tank, and imprison the humans as Dreyfus flees underground. When Ash refuses Koba’s orders to kill unarmed humans, citing Caesar’s teachings, Koba kills Ash and imprisons all apes whom are still loyal to Caesar.

Malcolm’s group finds Caesar barely alive and transport him to his former home in San Francisco. Caesar reveals to Malcolm that Koba shot him, realizing that apes can be as corrupt and violent as humans. Malcolm leaves the group and heads to the city to find medical supplies for Caesar. He encounters Blue Eyes, who spares him and returns to the house with him, where he reconciles with his father. Blue Eyes then returns to the tower and frees the imprisoned humans and apes. Malcolm leads the apes into the tower from below. After accomplishing this, Malcolm finds Dreyfus, who informs him that his men made radio contact with survivors at a northern military base, who are on their way to help fight the apes. Caesar confronts Koba at the top of the tower, but as they fight, Dreyfus detonates C-4 charges he planted beneath the tower, killing himself and destroying the ape tower. Caesar overpowers Koba, who is left hanging over the edge of the tower. Pleading for his life, Koba reminds Caesar of his „ape not kill ape” philosophy, but Caesar rejects Koba as an ape, and lets go of his hand, causing Koba to plummet into the wreckage below to his death.

Malcolm informs Caesar of the impending arrival of human military reinforcements. Caesar tells Malcolm that the humans will never forgive the apes for the war they started and advises him to leave with his family for safety as the two of them acknowledge their friendship. As Malcolm disappears, Caesar stands before a kneeling mass of apes, awaiting the war to come.


Whiplash_2014Whiplash (2014)

 – Dramat, Muzyczny

 Andrew (Miles Teller) jest utalentowanym młodym perkusistą, uczniem konserwatorium muzycznego na Manhattanie. Chłopak marzy o wielkiej karierze. Aby zrealizować plany, postanawia dołączyć do szkolnej orkiestry jazzowej prowadzonej przez okrutnego nauczyciela Terence’a Fletchera (J.K. Simmons), który często wyładowuje swoje frustracje na uczniach. Pod kierunkiem bezwzględnego Fletchera, Andrew zaczyna dążyć do doskonałości za wszelką cenę – nawet własnego człowieczeństwa.

American Sniper / Snajper

American Sniper is a 2014

American Sniper / Snajper (2014)

– Biograficzny, Akcja, Dramat

– Żołnierz Navy SEAL Chris Kyle zostaje wysłany do Iraku w jednym celu – ma chronić innych uczestników misji. Dzięki niezwykle celnym strzałom na polu walki ratuje życie wielu żołnierzom, a w miarę jak wiadomość o jego odwadze się roznosi, zyskuje pseudonim Legenda. Jego sława dociera również poza linię wroga. Pozbycie się Kyle’a zaczyna być najważniejszym celem rebeliantów, którzy wyznaczają nagrodę za jego głowę. Innego rodzaju bitwę toczy na własnym, rodzinnym froncie: choć przebywa na drugim końcu świata, stara się być dobrym mężem i ojcem.

Growing up in Texas, Chris Kyle is taught by his father how to shoot a rifle and hunt deer. Years later, Chris is a rodeo cowboy when he sees news coverage of the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings and decides to enlist in the U.S. Navy, where he is eventually accepted for SEAL training, becoming a U.S. Navy SEAL sniper.

Chris meets Taya Renae at a bar, they marry, and he is sent to Iraq after the September 11 attacks of 2001. His first kills are a woman and boy who attacked U.S. Marines with a grenade. Chris is visibly upset by the experience but earns the nickname „Legend” for his many kills. He is assigned to hunt for the al-Qaeda leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi; during house-to-house searches in evacuated areas, Chris interrogates a family, and for $100,000 the father offers to lead the SEALs to „The Butcher”, al-Zarqawi’s second-in-command whose favorite torture device is a drill. The plan goes awry when The Butcher captures the father and son, and kills them while Chris is pinned down by a sniper using an SVD. Meanwhile, the insurgents issue a bounty on Chris.

Chris returns home to his wife and the birth of his son. He is distracted by memories of his war experiences and argues with Taya over bootleg footage of U.S. Marines shot dead by enemy sniper „savages”. Taya expresses her concern for them as a couple and wishes Chris would focus on his home and family.

Chris leaves for a second tour, promoted to Chief Petty Officer. He is involved in a shoot out with The Butcher, who is located operating out of a ground floor restaurant.

Chris returns home from his second tour to a newborn daughter, and he becomes increasingly distant from his family. On his third tour, the Dragunov sniper seriously injures a unit member, and the unit is evacuated back to base. The unit decides to return to the field and continue the mission. Another SEAL is killed by gunfire, compelling Chris with guilt and duty to undertake a fourth tour. Taya does not understand his decision, tells him she needs him, and for a moment, implies they should stay apart.

On tour four, the SVD-using expert insurgent sniper is identified as „Mustafa”, and Chris is assigned to take him out. Mustafa has been sniping U.S. Army combat engineers building a barricade. Chris’s sniper team is placed on a rooftop inside enemy territory. Chris spots Mustafa and takes him out with a risky long distance shot at 2100 yards (1920 meters), (the 8th longest sniper kill ever recorded), but this exposes his team’s position to a large number of armed insurgents. In the midst of the firefight and low on ammunition, Chris calls Taya and tells her he is ready to come home. A sandstorm provides cover for a chaotic escape in which Chris is injured and almost left behind.

Chris returns home, on edge and unable to adjust fully to civilian life. He tells a Veterans Affairs psychiatrist he is „haunted by all the guys [he] couldn’t save”. The psychiatrist encourages him to help wounded veterans in the VA hospital. Chris meets veterans who suffered severe injuries, coaches them at a shooting range in the woods, and gradually begins to adjust to home life.

Years later, on February 2, 2013, Chris, playful and happy, says goodbye to his wife and family as he leaves to spend time with a veteran at a shooting range. An on-screen subtitle reveals: „Chris Kyle was killed that day by a veteran he was trying to help”, followed by stock footage of thousands of people standing in line along the highway for his funeral procession. Thousands more are shown attending his memorial service at Cowboys Stadium.

X-Men: Days of Future Past / X-Men: Przeszłość, która nadejdzie

X-Men: Przeszłość, która nadejdzie / X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

X-Men: Days of Future Past / X-Men: Przeszłość, która nadejdzie (2014) 

GATUNEK: Akcja ,Przygodowy , Fantasy , Sci-Fi 

OPIS FILMU: X-Men: Przeszłość, która nadejdzie (ang.: X-Men: Days of Future Past) – amerykański film science fiction z 2014 roku w reżyserii Bryana Singera. Siódmy film osadzony w świecie X-Men. Produkowany przez 20th Century Fox, inspirowany komiksem pt.: Days of Future Past z 1981 r., stworzonym przez Chrisa Claremonta i Johna Byrne’a. Film łączy dwie serie o X-Menach: ukazuje młode wersje Profesora X i Magneto granych przez Jamesa McAvoya i Michaela Fassbendera oraz ich starsze odpowiedniki w osobach Patricka Stewarta i Iana McKellena. Akcja filmu rozgrywa się mniej więcej 10 lat po wydarzeniach z Pierwszej klasy oraz około 10 lat po Ostatnim bastionie.

PLOT:  In a dystopian future, sentient robots known as Sentinels are exterminating mutants and oppressing humans, since humans harbor the genes that lead to mutant offspring. A small band of mutant survivors manage to evade the Sentinels thanks to the powers of Kitty Pryde, who has the ability to project a person’s consciousness back in time to deliver warnings.

Kitty’s group rendezvous with Magneto and Professor Charles Xavier in a monastery in China. They hatch a plan to send Wolverine’s consciousness back in time to prevent Mystique from murdering Bolivar Trask, the lead designer of the Sentinels. Trask’s assassination will make him a martyr, Mystique will be captured and her mutant powers will be reverse-engineered and used to create the formidable Sentinels of the future. A caveat of the plan is that they will have to stand and defend Wolverine and Kitty until Wolverine finishes his trip to the past and returns, otherwise the changes he made to the timeline will be lost.

Wolverine wakes up in 1973 in his younger body. He travels to the X-Mansion, where he encounters the young Hank McCoy and a disheveled Xavier. His school has failed and most of his original X-Men are dead, and this has left him a broken man. He has also lost his telepathic powers through taking serum which allows him to walk again. Wolverine convinces Xavier to free Magneto — who was accused of murdering John F. Kennedy (a charge he denies, stating that Kennedy was himself a mutant) — from a prison cell beneath The Pentagon. They do this with the help of Peter Maximoff, a mutant who can move blindingly fast.

Trask unsuccessfully lobbies to Congress for approval for his Sentinel program. Meanwhile, in Saigon, Mystique prevents a young William Stryker from appropriating a group of mutant American GIs, including Havok, for Trask’s research. Mystique investigates Trask Industries and discovers he has been capturing and experimenting on mutants, including some of her old comrades. Knowing that the assassination of Trask occurs in Paris, Xavier and Magneto board a private plane with Beast and Wolverine in order to intercept Mystique, although the two argue over abandoning each other.

In Paris, the Americans and Vietnamese are negotiating the end to the Vietnam War. Mystique impersonates a Vietnamese general to infiltrate a meeting with Trask. As she is about to kill Trask, Wolverine, Xavier, Magneto and Hank arrive. To guarantee her powers can never be used for the Sentinels, Magneto tries to kill Mystique, who flees out a window. A fight on the street ensues, in front of onlookers and television cameras. Wolverine’s upsetting encounter with Stryker causes his future body to react violently and injure Kitty.

Although Trask is saved, the world is horrified by the existence of mutants. President Richard Nixon approves Trask’s Sentinel program and arranges an unveiling in Washington, D.C. Trask’s scientists recover Mystique’s blood from the battle site in Paris, and Magneto fears Trask could still create the future Sentinels. Magneto intercepts the Sentinel prototypes on their way to Washington and laces them with steel. At the mansion, Xavier eschews his regular serum dose to regain his powers. Through Wolverine, Xavier communes with his future self and is inspired to struggle for human-mutant peace once again. He uses Cerebro to track Mystique en route to Washington.

Nixon unveils the Sentinel prototypes on the White House lawn. As a show of force, Magneto raises RFK Stadium and deposits it around the White House. He also commandeers the Sentinels and has them attack the crowd. Nixon and Trask are taken to a safe room, followed by a disguised Mystique. Xavier, Wolverine, and Beast try to stop Magneto. Magneto impales Wolverine with rebars and flings him into the Potomac River. In 2023, the X-Men make their final stand as the Sentinels assault the monastery.

Pulling the safe room out of the White House, Magneto aims the television cameras at himself and prepares to kill the President with the whole world watching. Disguised as the President, Mystique wounds him with a plastic gun and reveals her true form. Xavier persuades Mystique not to kill Trask and allows her and Magneto to flee. Mystique’s interference is seen as a Mutant rescue of the president; the Sentinel program is cancelled and Trask is arrested for selling military secrets to foreign governments. Back in 2023, the Sentinels break in and are close to firing upon Shadowcat, Professor X, Wolverine, and a wounded Magneto but all disappeared.

Wolverine wakes up in 2023 in Xavier’s school, where he finds the X-Men all alive and well, even Jean Grey and Scott Summers. Logan asks Xavier to fill him in on the 40 years that he has missed out on, stating that the history he knew was a different one. In 1973 Stryker, pulling an erased memory Logan out of the water being asked by officers what to do with him, believing that he will be tested where Logan gets his adimantium skeleton, Stryker turns away as his eyes turn yellow showing that it’s actually mystique.

In a post-credits scene, a cloaked figure telekinetically assembles the Pyramids of Giza as four horsemen stand behind him and a throng of worshipers chants his name: En Sabah Nur

The ultimate X-Men ensemble fights a war for the survival of the species across two time periods in X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST. The beloved characters from the original X-Men film trilogy join forces with their younger selves from ‘X-Men: First Class,’ in an epic battle that must change the past — to save our future.

The X-Men send Wolverine to the past in a desperate effort to change history and prevent an event that results in doom for both humans and mutants.

The Dead Lands / Ziemie Śmierci

The Dead Lands (2014) R | 107 min | Action

The Dead Lands / Ziemie Śmierci (2014) 


 Hongi (James Rolleston) – nastoletni syn wodza Maorysów – musi pomścić morderstwo ojca, aby przywrócić pokój i honor duszom swoich bliskich. Jedyną nadzieją jest przejście przez przerażające i zakazane Martwe Ziemie, by stworzyć przymierze z tajemniczym „Wojownikiem” (Lawrence Makoare). Mężczyzna uważany za demona, po rozmowie ze swoją najstarszą żoną, decyduje się pomóc młodemu człowiekowi. We dwóch wyruszają w poszukiwaniu zemsty, po drodze staczając krwawe pojedynki z bojownikami wroga. Podczas drogi dołącza do nich piękna i niebezpieczna Mehe (Raukura Turei).

 After his tribe is slaughtered through an act of treachery, Hongi, a Maori chieftain’s teenage son, must avenge his father’s murder in order to bring peace and honor to the souls of his loved ones. Vastly outnumbered by a band of villains, Hongi’s only hope is to pass through the feared and forbidden Dead Lands and forge an uneasy alliance with the mysterious Warrior, a ruthless fighter who has ruled the area for years.

The Hybrid / Scintilla

ScintillaTHE HYBRID / SCINTILLA (2014)

– Horror, Sci-Fi

– Najemnik staje na czele oddziału, którego misją jest odnalezienie tajnego tunelu i zlokalizowanie podziemnego laboratorium.

– This is a science fiction thriller set deep underground in the wilds of a former Soviet state, where strange genetic experiments are taking place. John Lynch, a war weary mercenary, is hired to lead Morjana Alaoui, a company scientist, to the secret underground laboratory. There, with his team of mercenaries, they intend to steal the research in the laboratory. Along the way John and his companions including Antonia Thomas, Ned Dennehy and Craig Conway face dangerous militia involved in a bloodthirsty civil war, strange monsters lurking in the abandoned tunnels of the old Soviet bunker and finally he meets Beth Winslet, the scientist running the genetic experiments, and her terrifying secret…

Age of Tomorrow / Walka o przetrwanie

Walka o przetrwanie / Age of Tomorrow (2014) PL

Age of Tomorrow / Walka o przetrwanie (2014)

Gatunek: Akcja | Sci-Fi | Thriller

OPIS FILMU: Wypełniając dawną przepowiednię, potężna rasa obcych dokonuje inwazji na Ziemię, niszcząc jej potencjał nuklearny i wojskowy. Jedyna nadzieja ludzkości spoczywa w antropologu, który musi udać się do prastarej piramidy w poszukiwaniu broni zdolnej odeprzeć najeźdźców.

PLOT: Mankind must fight to survive as Earth is invaded by hostile UFOs bent on destroying the planet. As the epic battle wages on, astronauts sneak aboard the mothership where they discover a portal to the aliens’ home world. They manage to alert Earth before they are brutally murdered. Left with no other choice, Earth sends an elite military team of science and combat specialists through the portal where they attempt to stop the invasion from the inside out. But is the battle already lost for humanity?

Szklana szczęka / Glass Chin

Glass_Chin_2014Szklana szczęka / Glass Chin (2014)

– Dramat, Thriller

– Bud Gordon (Corey Stoll) to były bokser, który kiedyś odnosił ogromne sukcesy. Niestety, po przegranej ostatniej walce sportowiec nie może wrócić do formy. Wraz ze swoją dziewczyną (Marin Ireland) mieszka w New Jersey i tęskni za dawnym życiem. Pewnego dnia dostaje lukratywną propozycję od gangstera JJ (Billy Crudup). Bud staje przed wyborem, co jest dla niego naprawdę ważne – pieniądze czy życie w zgodzie ze swoimi ideałami. Wciągający dramat o dojrzewaniu byłego gwiazdora boksu, który musi pogodzić się z własnymi ograniczeniami i zdecydować, co zrobić z resztą swojego życia.

– After going down in the fifth round, boxer Bud Gordon (Corey Stoll) bowed out of the limelight. Now residing in a fixer-upper apartment in New Jersey with his girlfriend, Bud longs for his former Manhattan glory. In an effort to get back in the game, he makes a deal with a crooked restauranteur (Billy Crudup). But quick schemes rarely bring easy pay-offs and as the consequences of his business negotiations unfold, Bud has to make a choice between his integrity and his ambitions

The Pirates

the_piratesThe Pirates / Piraci – w poszukiwaniu cesarskiej pieczęci (2014) 

 – Przygodowy , Historyczny

Fabułę „Hae-jeok” osadzono w okresie przemian politycznych w średniowiecznej Korei. Dynastia Goryeo została właśnie obalona. Od chińskiego Cesarza wracają posłowie, którzy przewożą statkiem główny atrybut nowej władzy: Królewską Pieczęć. Ku swojej zgubie postanawiają zaatakować wieloryba. Morski ssak rozgniewany tymi afrontem rozwala statek w szczątki i na domiar złego połyka Pieczęć. W tajemnicy przed Królem rozpoczynają się poszukiwania niepoprawnego politycznie wieloryba, do których skuszeni obietnicą nagrody zgłaszają się Kapitan Piratów Yeo-wol (Son Ye-jin) oraz herszt górskich zbójów Jang Sa-jung (Kim Nam-gil).

 – On the eve of the founding of the Joseon Dynasty, a whale swallows the Ming Emperor’s Seal of State being brought to Joseon by envoys from China. With a big reward on whoever brings back the royal seal, mountain bandits led by Jang Sa-jung go out to sea to hunt down the whale. But he soon clashes with Yeo-wol, a female captain of pirates, and unexpected adventure unfolds

The Maze Runner / Więzień labiryntu

 Wiezien labiryntu (2014)

The Maze Runner / Więzień labiryntu (2014)

– Thriller, Akcja, Sci-Fi

 – Thomas budzi się w windzie, która powoli jedzie w górę. Kiedy w końcu się zatrzymuje i otwierają właz, dowiaduje się, że trafił do Strefy zamieszkałej przez Streferów. To ogromna polana ogrodzona wysokim, betonowym murem. Chłopak niczego nie pamięta – kim jest, skąd pochodzi, jak się tam znalazł. Nie wie, kim są jego rodzice i jak ma na imię.
Nikt nie wie, jak trafił do Strefy. Każdego ranka ściany muru się rozsuwają, otwierając Labirynt, który zamyka się o zachodzie słońca. Co miesiąc do Strefy przyjeżdża nowy chłopak. Pojawienie się Thomasa nie zaskakuje, ale gdy tydzień później z windy wychodzi Teresa, wszystko się komplikuje. To pierwsza dziewczyna, która znalazła się w Strefie.
Każdy Strefer ma swoją rolę – odpowiada za sadzenie roślin, budowę albo jest zwiadowcą, próbującym ustalić budowę Labiryntu, który zmienia się każdej nocy. Zwiadowcy walczą z czasem i pokonują jak najdłuższe trasy, póki nie zapadnie zmrok, ściany się zamkną, a Bóldożercy wyjdą ze swoich kryjówek.
Mimo że Thomas jest „świeżuchem”, Labirynt i Strefa wydają mu się podejrzanie znane. W jego pamięci kryje się klucz do rozwiązania zagadki tajemniczego miejsca.

Film jest ekranizacją bestsellera Jamesa Dashnera. Książkę wydano w 2009 roku i trafiła na szczyt listy bestsellerów „New York Timesa”. Recenzenci porównują ją do „Władcy much”, „Igrzysk śmierci” i kultowego serialu „Zagubieni”. Autor podkreśla, że mimo podobieństw, jego powieść jest inna: „Bohaterowie tamtych książek mają inną naturę niż moi. Napisałem powieść przygodową, której przesłaniem są nadzieja i siła ludzkiego ducha.”

 –  Thomas wakes up in an elevator, remembering nothing but his own name. He emerges into a world of about 60 teen boys who have learned to survive in a completely enclosed environment, subsisting on their own agriculture and supplies. A new boy arrives every 30 days. The original group has been in “The Glade” for two years, trying to find a way to escape through the Maze that surrounds their living space. They have begun to give up hope. Then a comatose girl arrives with a strange note, and their world begins to change. There are some great, fast-paced action scenes, particularly those involving the nightmarish Grievers who plague the boys.