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M. Chao, Ni Ni, D. Bautista


– Akcja, Przygodowy

– Jack jest maniakiem gier video, który spędza każdą wolną chwilę przed komputerem. Wciela się tam w postać Czarnego Rycerza, który ratuje dawne Imperium przed zakusami złowrogich sił. Pewnego dnia wirtualna rzeczywistość, którą znał tylko z ekranu komputera, wchłania go i przenosi do niesamowitego świata pełnego przygód, czarów i magicznych istot. Jack musi stanąć w obronie Imperium i uratować piękną księżniczkę, w której zakochuje się bez reszty. Jego śladami rusza jednak potężny mściciel, który podejrzewa, że chłopak może być legendarnym wojownikiem. Jack musi odnaleźć w sobie siłę Czarnego Rycerza, który do tej pory był tylko postacią, w którą wcielał się w grze. Zbliża się decydujące starcie!

– A teenager is magically transported to China and learns to convert his video game skills into those of a Kung Fu warrior.

M. Williams, K. Stewart, L. Dern, J. Le Gros


– Dramat

– Bohaterkami są: prawniczka, która staje do konfrontacji z seksizmem w biurze; żona, której determinacja do zbudowania wymarzonego domu jest powodem niezgody z mężczyzną jej życia; i studentka prawa, która tworzy więź z samotną kowbojką.

Certain Women explores a handful of intersecting lives across Montana.

Lawyer Laura Wells (Laura Dern) has been dealing with a disgruntled client, Fuller (Jared Harris), for eight months. Out of work after a work place injury caused a disability he has taken to visiting Laura repeatedly at her office. As he will not listen to her advice she takes him to another lawyer who, after assessing the case, tells Fuller exactly what Laura told him; that though his company was at fault for his injuries he can no longer sue them after accepting their initial nominal settlement. On the way home from visiting the second lawyer Fuller feuds with his wife and is kicked out of their car and takes a ride back with Laura. On the way home, he tells her he wants to shoot his former employers.

That night Laura arrives at Fuller’s former place of employment where he has taken hostage a security guard. After being prepped by police Laura goes and finds Fuller who has her read the case file his company has on him and the lawsuit. Laura reads the entire file which details how Fuller was cheated out of his settlement. He decides to let the guard go and then asks Laura to stall for him by going to the front and telling the police of his demands as if he has a gun pointed at her while he slips out the back. Instead Laura immediately tells the police where Fuller is and he is arrested.

Gina and Ryan Lewis (Michelle Williams and James Le Gros) are a married couple with a teenage daughter building their own home from the ground up. Gina feels that Ryan constantly undermines her with their daughter and is annoyed by his behaviour. On their way home from the campsite of their new home, they decide to stop at the home of Albert (René Auberjonois), an elderly man they know, to try to persuade him to sell them the sandstone on his property. As they talk Gina tries to persuade Albert to sell her the sandstone, but he interrupts her repeatedly and seems only interested in talking with Ryan. Eventually Albert tentatively agrees to give the sandstone to Gina and Ryan, and Gina, who has been secretly recording the conversation, signals that they should leave. In the car on their way home she finds it ridiculous how easily she was able to obtain the sandstone.

Sometime later Gina and Ryan arrive and load up a truck full of the sandstone. She notices Albert watching from his window and waves at him but he does not wave back.

Jamie (Lily Gladstone) is a ranch hand living in isolation during the winter, tending to horses on a farm outside Belfry. Heading into town one night, she sees cars turning into the school and follows them. She learns she has stumbled onto a class on school law taught by a young lawyer, Beth Travis (Kristen Stewart). Jamie goes out to eat with Beth after class, and Beth explains that she lives in Livingston which is a four-hour drive away, so she must make the eight-hour round trip twice a week to make it back in time for her real job.

Despite having no interest in education law, Jamie returns to class week after week. One week she brings one of her horses to class, and she and Beth ride the horse to the diner. The following week, she is stunned when she learns Beth has quit and a new teacher is brought in as a permanent replacement. Jamie then immediately leaves the class and drives straight to Livingston. Spending the night in her car, she spends the morning driving to law offices hoping to find Beth. On the way, she has flashbacks of the previous time she drove to the city. Locating her address, Jamie sees Beth in the parking lot and told her she drove over knowing that if she didn’t she would never see her again. Beth fails to respond and so Jamie leaves abruptly. On her way home, she falls asleep at the wheel and plows into an empty field.

Laura visits Fuller in prison where he tells her his wife left him for a man in prison and implores Laura to write to him.

At the site of their new home Gina looks at her pile of sandstone with satisfaction.

Back at the ranch Jamie tends to the horses, still painfully alone.

The three stories intersect in passing: Laura is having an affair with Gina’s husband Ryan, and Jamie inquires at Laura’s firm while searching for Beth.

E. Thompson, B. Gleeson, D. Brühl

ALONE iN BERLiN (2016)

 – Dramat

 – Berlin, 1940. Gdy ich syn ginie na froncie, zwykłe małżeństwo obwinia za to Führera, w którego obietnice już dawno przestało wierzyć. Mimo panującego terroru, zamiast zamknąć się w czterech ścianach postanawiają wprowadzić słowa w czyn.

 – In 1940, a working-class couple in World War II-era Berlin, Otto and Anna Quangel, decide to resist Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, after receiving the news of the death of their only son. An additional impetus for their growing resistance to the regime is the fate of an old Jewish woman living in their building. Though the official deportation of Jews to death camps had not yet started, Jews have no recourse to any legal protection. Ruthless Nazis — and „non-ideological” common criminals — use the opportunity to loot the old woman’s apartment with impunity. Despite the efforts of the Quangels’ and other kind neighbors to help her, the persecution ends with the old woman jumping to her death from a high floor window.

Impelled by all this, the couple starts writing postcards to urge people to stand against Hitler and the Nazis and protest against them, and furtively placing the cards in public places.[3]At first, Otto wants to do it all by himself, warning Anna, „They hang women, too!” She, however, insists on taking part in this dangerous activity. While in the beginning of the film the couple’s marriage seems to have dried up, being unable to console each other for the loss of their son, their shared risk and commitment brings them back closer, in effect falling in love with each other all over again.

Escherich is the police inspector charged with finding the source of the postcards.[4] He is a professional police detective, acting out of professional pride rather than Nazi ideology. During three years of painstakingly gathering clues about the „Hobgoblin” (as he calls the mysterious writer of the postcards) he develops an increasing respect for this elusive unknown opponent. With the lack of progress in his investigation, Escherich is beaten up by the obviously impatient S.S. senior officer, and is further forced thereby, to execute extrajudicially, a man whom he is certain has no connection with these subversive postcards.

Finally, Otto Quangel is arrested due to the accidental fall of postcards out of his pocket, while at work. He remains though stoic about the certain death sentence awaiting him, and only tries in vain to take all the blame on himself and save Anna. After the couple has been executed, Escherich is alone in his office. He gathers up all of the couple’s hundreds of subversive postcards, scatters them out of the open window of the police headquarters, and shoots himself. The film ends with the image of the postcards swirling in the wind, falling down on the Berlin streets and picked up by passers by — giving the film’s protagonists a posthumous moral victory.

R. Fukushima, R. Kikuchi, S. Oguri


 – Akcja, Horror, Sci-Fi

 – Film oparty na mandze takiego samego tytułu… W roku 2577 grupa zabójców, socjopatów i innych przestępców zostaje wysłana na Marsa by wprowadzić w życie ostatni etap terraforimngu planety. Powiedziano im, że ich misja będzie polegała na wymordowaniu chmar karaluchów, które były wysłane tam 500  lat wstecz by zjadły algi które były użyte do roztopienia pokrywy lodu. Przez ten czas karaluchy przeobraziły się w olbrzymie, człekopodobne istoty żywe. Jednakże najwyraźniej naukowcy oczekiwali takiego obrotu sprawy i nasi bohaterowie mieli wszepione różne DNA owadów – by połączyło się z ich DNA – dając im super umiejętności potrzebne do stawienia oporu zmutowanym karaluchom. Czy to wystarczy by poradzić sobie z hordami z robali na Marsie i bezproblemowym powrotem na Ziemę?

 – In an attempt to colonize Mars, 21st century scientists seed the planet with algae to absorb sun light and purify the atmosphere, and cockroaches who in turn spread the algae as they feed. 500 years later, the first manned mission to Mars loses contact with Earth, and a second ship is sent to investigate.

Ch. Klein, V. Summer, W. Daehn


– Akcja, Przygodowy, Wojenny

– A rescue attempt of a German traitor during World War I has unexpected consequences and sets off an adventure across the Arabian desert.

G. Crum, J. Winch, D. Alford


– Akcja, Sci-Fi

– Dwie wrogie sobie grupy bohaterów o nadprzyrodzonych mocach stają do walki o kontrolę nad rodzinnym miastem.

– Groups of super powered people begin a war that will bring the city they live in crumbling down. Allegiances of super powered people fight for control of a young girl, who holds the ultimate power to control anything and everyone in the city. They will begin a war that in the end could bring the entire city crumbling down

D. Field, K. Rothbury, L. Schebesta


 – Dramat

 – Wciągający thriller psychologiczny, ktorego głównym bohaterem jest głęboko wierzący mężczyzna. Po śmierci żony Robert rzuca wyzwanie Bogu i Diabłu.

 – After the death of his pregnant wife, a religious man rejects his Faith, and mockingly challenges God and the Devil as he struggles with the desire for revenge.

D. DeHaan, J. Isaacs, M. Goth

Lekarstwo na życie / A Cure for Wellness (2016)LEKARSTWO NA ŻYCIE / A CURE FOR WELLNESS (2016)

– Dramat, Fantasy, Horror

– Głównym bohaterem filmu jest młody i ambitny pracownik korporacji. Otrzymuje zadanie, by przywieźć z powrotem do firmy swojego szefa, który znajduje się w ośrodku odnowy biologicznej w szwajcarskich Alpach. Nie jest to zwykłe miejsce, bowiem oferuje ono oczyszczenie duchowe i lekarstwo na wszystkie problemy współczesnego świata. Bohater odkrywa mroczne sekrety placówki i w następstwie tego musi stoczyć walkę o swoje życie i zdrowie psychiczne…

– An ambitious young executive is sent to retrieve his company’s CEO from an idyllic but mysterious “wellness center” at a remote location in the Swiss Alps. He soon suspects that the spa’s miraculous treatments are not what they seem. When he begins to unravel its terrifying secrets, his sanity is tested, as he finds himself diagnosed with the same curious illness that keeps all the guests here longing for the cure.

J. Gallagher Jr., T. Goldwyn, A. Arjona


– Akcja, Thriller, Horror

– Dla grupy osiemdziesięciu trzech amerykańskich ekspatriantów miejsce pracy w São Paulo staje się pułapką. Głos emitowany z systemu audio zmusza ich do podejmowania krańcowych decyzji.

– In a twisted social experiment, 80 Americans are locked in their high-rise corporate office in Bogotá, Colombia and ordered by an unknown voice coming from the company’s intercom system to participate in a deadly game of kill or be killed.

E. Linder, N. Krill, S. Pigott

Below Her Mouth (2016)

 – Erotyczny,  Dramat, Romans

 – Film opowiada o romansie między zwyczajną dziewczyną, a heteroseksualną redaktorką pisma modowego, która ma narzeczonego. Pomimo sporych różnic kobiety nawiązują ze sobą niesamowitą więź, która z przyjaźni przeradza się w namiętność. Czy ta szalona miłość ma szansę na przetrwanie w przyszłości?

 – BELOW HER MOUTH is a bold, uninhibited drama that begins with a passionate weekend affair between two women. Dallas, a roofer and Jasmine, a fashion editor, share a powerful and immediate connection that inevitably derails both of their lives.

L. Tosar, J. Gutiérrez, A. Cervantes


– Wojenny ,Dramat

– Lato 1898, Filipiny – od czterech wieków kolonia Hiszpanii, wyspa Luzon. Hiszpańscy żołnierze walczą o utrzymanie posiadłości Korony. Zdziesiątkowani przez filipińskich powstańców, szukają schronienia w kościele w wiosce Baler.

– The Spanish troops in the Philippines Have to fight for their lives as they are forgot by the Spanish Empire

D. Radcliffe, T. Collette, T. Letts


– Kryminalny, Dramat, Thriller

– Film powstał na podstawie wspomnień pracującego pod przykrywką agenta FBI, Michaela Germana. Daniel Radcliffe wciela się w agenta FBI Nate’a Fostera, który spróbuje powstrzymać neonazistów przed zorganizowaniem ataku terrorystycznego.

– Idealistic FBI agent Nate Foster goes undercover to take down a radical white supremacy terrorist group. The up-and-coming analyst must confront the challenge of sticking to a new identity while maintaining his real principles as he navigates the dangerous underworld of white supremacy.

A. Dawson, M. Longden, D. Thrace

The Creature Below / The Dark Below (2016)THE CREATURE BELOW / THE DARK BELOW (2016)

– Horror, Sci-Fi

– Olive po wypadku podczas nurkowania w oceanie Atlantyckim odkrywa nieziemską istotę, którą postanawia zabrać do swojego domu. Wkrótce zostają połączone symbiotyczną więzią, która doprowadza kobietę na skraj szaleństwa.

– During a traumatic accident whilst on a deep-sea dive in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, Olive, a gifted, young marine-biologist discovers an unearthly creature. Loosing her dream job, Olive smuggles the creature home, intent on studying it in her basement, unbeknownst to her devoted boyfriend Matt. Whilst struggling to re-adjust to landlocked life and recover from her recent trauma, Olive begins to realize that she and the creature share a symbiotic bond that drives her to carry out its sinister will. Plagued by gruesome nightmares, her fractured memories of what happened during the accident in the depths of the ocean begin to unravel and reveal an eldritch horror far older and malevolent than she could ever imagine, one which she has unwittingly set free. Olive’s obsession leads to madness as her discovery consumes her entire humanity, with deadly results for those around her.

C. Murphy, J. Dornan, Ch. Le Bon

Operacja Anthropoid / Anthropoid (2016)Operacja Anthropoid / Anthropoid (2016)

 – Wojenny, Biograficzny, Historyczny, Thriller

 – Dwaj czechosłowaccy żołnierze zostają wyznaczeni do zabicia szefa SS – Obergruppenführera Reinharda Heydricha.

 – ANTHROPOID is based on the extraordinary true story of „Operation Anthropoid,” the code name for the Czechoslovakian operatives’ mission to assassinate SS officer Reinhard Heydrich. Heydrich, the main architect behind the Final Solution, was the Reich’s third in command behind Hitler and Himmler and the leader of Nazi forces in Czechoslovakia. The film follows two soldiers from the Czechoslovakian army-in-exile, Josef Gabčík (Cillian Murphy) and Jan Kubis (Jamie Dornan), who are parachuted into their occupied homeland in December 1941. With limited intelligence and little equipment in a city under lock down, they must find a way to assassinate Heydrich, an operation that would change the face of Europe forever.

M. McConaughey, E. Ramírez, B.D. Howard

Gold / Złoto (2016)Gold / Złoto (2016)

 – Dramat, Thriller, Przygodowy

 – Kenny Wells ostatnio nie ma szczęścia w interesach. Rozpaczliwie potrzebuje więc spektakularnego przełomu. Postanawia zdobyć fortunę dzięki swemu zamiłowaniu do przygód i ryzyka. Wraz z szanowanym podróżnikiem Michaelem Acostą wyrusza do Indonezji, by w sercu tamtejszej dżungli szukać złota. Ryzyko jest ogromne, mało kto wierzy w powodzenie misji, a jednak przeczucie Wellsa okazuje się prawdziwe. W jednej chwili z podupadającego biznesmena staje się milionerem i gwiazdą Wall Street. Ale tam gdzie są wielkie pieniądze, zaczynają się wielkie kłopoty. Chętnych do podziału złotego tortu znajduje się coraz więcej: począwszy od indonezyjskich władz, poprzez różnej maści cwaniaków, a na CIA kończąc. Kenny Wells zamiast cieszyć się luksusem, będzie musiał zmierzyć się z ludźmi, dla których oszustwo to chleb powszedni.

 – Kenny Wells (Matthew McConaughey), an unlucky businessman, teams up with geologist Michael Acosta (Édgar Ramírez) to find gold deep in the uncharted jungles of Borneo, Indonesia.

Ewan McGregor, Jennifer Connelly, Dakota Fanning

American Pastoral / Amerykańska sielanka (2016)American Pastoral / Amerykańska sielanka (2016)

Dramat, Kryminalny 

– Wstrząsający obraz destrukcji amerykańskiego społeczeństwa.

Seymour (Ewan McGregor) ma wszystko, co Ameryka lat 60-tych definiowała jako szczęście: piękną żonę Dawn (Jennifer Connelly), dobrą pracę, wymarzony dom na wsi i ukochaną córkę, Merry (Dakota Fanning). Dzień, w którym dowiaduje się, że jego jedyne dziecko jest zdolne do brutalnych ataków terroryzmu, będzie ostatnim dniem jego dotychczasowego życia. Czy amerykański sen o szczęściu, pokoju i dobrobycie był tylko marzeniem jednego pokolenia?

– At the 40-year reunion of the graduating class of Weequahic High School in Newark, New Jersey; author Nathan Zuckerman meets one of his old friends, Jerry Levov. They talk about Jerry’s brother, former star athlete Seymour „Swede” Levov, who recently died after a long illness.

In a flashback, Swede persuades his father, glovemaking magnate Lou Levov, to let him marry his high school sweetheart, beauty queen Dawn Dwyer. Lou is skeptical because Dawn is a devout Roman Catholic, but gives in. They have a daughter, Meredith, or „Merry,” and settle in the town of Old Rimrock, where they acquire a large farm.

For much of her life, Merry struggles with a stuttering problem, but her parents are unable to get a handle on it. By the time Merry reaches high school, she has become increasingly radicalized as the Vietnam War rages, and frequently goes to New York City to take part in antiwar protests. Fearing for her safety, Swede urges Merry to channel her energy into protesting against the war at home.

A few days later, the local post office and gas station are blown up by a massive bomb, killing the gas station’s owner. Merry disappears soon afterward, and is the prime suspect in the bombing. She isn’t even heard from again until Rita Cohen, a student at the Wharton School, comes ostensibly to do a study on the glovemaking industry, and tips off Swede that she knows about Merry’s whereabouts. Swede meets Rita in a hotel, but spurns Rita’s attempts to seduce him. The strain of Merry’s disappearance briefly sends Dawn into a mental hospital. She gets a facelift soon afterward, and tries to get Swede to forget about Merry.

Years later, when leaving a gallery crawl, Swede spots Rita on the street. Rita takes him to a skid-row area of Newark where Merry now lives. Merry wants to withdraw from society, as apparent penance for her crimes. She has no desire to return home even when Swede tries to trigger her childhood memories at another visit. Swede never recovers psychologically, and never sees Merry again.

Back in the present, Nathan and Jerry attend Swede’s funeral. As the guests are about to leave, Merry arrives, having not seen her father in years, and lays her hand on the casket.