Alien: Covenant (2017)

Alien: Covenant (2017)

Obcy: Przymierze (2017) Gatunek.: Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller | Aktorzy.: Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston More »

John Wick: Chapter Two (2017)

John Wick: Chapter Two (2017)

John Wick 2 (2017) Gatunek.: Thriller, Akcja, Kryminalny | Aktorzy.: Keanu Reeves, Riccardo Scamarcio, Ian McShane More »

Logan: Wolverine (2017)

Logan: Wolverine (2017)

Logan (2017) | Gatunek: Akcja , Sci-Fi | Obsada: Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Dafne Keen More »

T2 Trainspotting (2017)

T2 Trainspotting (2017)

Trainspotting 2 (2017) Gatunek.: Dramat | Stars: Ewan McGregor, Ewen Bremner, Jonny Lee Miller More »

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)

Strażnicy Galaktyki vol. 2 Gatunek.: Akcja, Sci-Fi, Przygodowy | Aktorzy.: Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista More »


J. Helman, M. Bisping, Ch. Cresswell


– Dramat, Sportowy

– Biografia Lenny’ego McLeana – słynnego brytyjskiego boksera, przestępcy i aktora.

– The life story of one of Britain’s most notorious bare-knuckle fighters, Lenny McLean, also known as “the Guv’nor.”

C. McCarver, Ch. Bowman, W. Adams


– Western

– Billy Kid wplątuje się w krwawe porachunki rewolwerowców na granicy amerykańsko-meksykańskiej.

– Billy the Kid gets involved in a bloody feud in Lincoln County of the New Mexico Territory.

Ch. Klein, V. Summer, W. Daehn


– Akcja, Przygodowy, Wojenny

– A rescue attempt of a German traitor during World War I has unexpected consequences and sets off an adventure across the Arabian desert.

J. Harris, R. Winstone, I. McShane

JAWBONE (2017)

– Sportowy, Akcja, Dramat

– Bohaterem filmu jest Jimmy – niegdyś bokserski mistrz, obecnie spłukany i zapomniany, który postanawia wrócić w rodzinne strony i rozpocząć karierę na nowo.

– A former youth boxing champion, Jimmy McCabe (Johnny Harris), is a man in search of hope but looking in all the wrong places. When he hits rock bottom he turns to his childhood boxing club and the only family he has left: gym owner Bill corner man Eddie and promoter Joe. Back in training, years after anyone thought he was a contender, he risks his life, as he tries to stand tall and regain his place in the world.

G. Crum, J. Winch, D. Alford


– Akcja, Sci-Fi

– Dwie wrogie sobie grupy bohaterów o nadprzyrodzonych mocach stają do walki o kontrolę nad rodzinnym miastem.

– Groups of super powered people begin a war that will bring the city they live in crumbling down. Allegiances of super powered people fight for control of a young girl, who holds the ultimate power to control anything and everyone in the city. They will begin a war that in the end could bring the entire city crumbling down

W. Russell, R. Wilson, B. Walker,


 – Kryminalny, Dramat, Mystery

 – Bohaterem filmu jest szeryf próbujący rozwikłać tajemnicę serii morderstw oraz zniknięcia pewnego złodzieja napadającego na banki.

 – An inventive crime thriller told backwards — reversing day by day through a week — following a local sheriff’s quest to unlock the mystery of three small town criminals and a bank heist gone wrong.

T. Cruise, S. Boutella, A. Wallis


 – Akcja, Przygodowy, Fantasy

 – Przez wieki spoczywająca w grobowcu ukrytym w piaskach pustyni starożytna księżniczka, której przeznaczenie nie zdążyło się wypełnić, budzi się w dzisiejszych czasach. Jej złość na niesprawiedliwość, która ją spotkała, rosła przez tysiące lat, przybierając rozmiary wymykające się ludzkiej wyobraźni. Od gorących piachów pustyni, przez tajemnicze labirynty ukryte pod dzisiejszym Londynem Mumia budzi nowy wszechświat bogów i potworów.

 – In ancient Egypt, Princess Ahmanet is first in line to replace her father Pharaoh Menehptre only to be replaced when his new wife gives birth to a son. Determined to usurp the throne, Ahmanet sells her soul to the dark god Set, who promises to make her Queen in exchange for gaining a corporeal form. After killing her family, Ahmanet prepares to sacrifice her lover only to be captured and condemned to be buried alive with flesh-eating scarabs.

In present day Iraq, soldier-of-fortune Nick Morton and his team accidentally discover the tomb of Ahmanet while fleeing from groups of armed thieves. Nick and his team bring the tomb aboard their own airplane, and attempt to travel out of Iraq. During the flight, a huge wave of crows assault the airplane, killing everyone on board and causing the plane to crash. Nick revives a day later, and is greeted by Dr. Henry Jekyll, the head of Prodigium, a secret society dedicated to hunting supernatural threats whose base is under the Natural History Museum of London. He tells Nick that he was chosen by the Princess to become what appears to be the key to her conquest of the Earth, which is why he survived the plane crash.

Ahmanet uses her vast supernatural powers to free herself and to escape from the hands of Prodigum, wreaking havoc, death and destruction in the process. Dr. Jekyll who attempted to stop her from escaping, fails, and transforms into Edward Hyde, his murderous alternative personality, forcing Nick to fight him. After regressing to his original personality, Jekyll tells Nick that he is the only one who can stop Ahmanet, and joins him with his assistant Jennifer „Jenny” Halsey.

Ahmanet arrives in London, using her powers to raise an army of undead and creating a sandstorm that ravages the city, slaughtering thousands in the process. During the battle, she captures Jenny and drowns her. Seeing her dead, Nick sacrifices himself and commits suicide with a ceremonial dagger. His body is possessed by Set, who proceeds to join Ahmanet to uphold his end of the bargain until he sees Jenny’s dead body, at which point Nick regains control of his body and uses Set’s powers to suck the life out of Ahmanet and defeat her once and for all.

Nick uses Set’s powers to resurrect Jenny, saying goodbye before becoming overwhelmed by Set’s power and disappearing. Soon, Jenny links up with Dr. Jekyll and they discuss if Nick, now fused with Set, is good or evil and whose side he is on. It is also revealed that Nick has resurrected his friend Vail, who protests as to what they will do now, to which Nick responds, „Where is your sense of adventure?” The two ride off in the desert as a sandstorm trails behind them.

D. Field, K. Rothbury, L. Schebesta


 – Dramat

 – Wciągający thriller psychologiczny, ktorego głównym bohaterem jest głęboko wierzący mężczyzna. Po śmierci żony Robert rzuca wyzwanie Bogu i Diabłu.

 – After the death of his pregnant wife, a religious man rejects his Faith, and mockingly challenges God and the Devil as he struggles with the desire for revenge.

J. DArcy, S. Lowe, D. Sabara


– Dramat | Fantasy | Sci-Fi

– Wyobraź sobie, że zagrożenie nuklearne staje się rzeczywistością, a w bunkrze przeciwatomowym jest miejsce tylko dla 21 osób i tylko w jego wnętrzu można ocaleć. Jakie kryteria zastosować decydując, kto może w nim zamieszkać i tym samym przeżyć? I, co ważniejsze, jak lekkomyślna jednostka może przypieczętować los drugiego człowieka? Punktem wyjścia tego psychologicznego thrillera science fiction w reżyserii Johna Huddlesa jest eksperyment przeprowadzony przez nauczyciela filozofii, Mr. Zimta (znany z filmu „Atlas Chmur“ James D’Arcy). Daje on swoim studentom z międzynarodowej szkoły w Jakarcie pewne zadanie. Podczas eksperymentu Zimt ciągle zmienia zasady gry, co wzmacnia napięcie i chęć poznania wyniku.

– Mr. Zimit (James D’Arcy), a philosophy teacher at an international school in Jakarta, has been challenging his class of twenty with thought exercises to prepare them for their futures out in the world. On the last day of school, he holds a final exercise in which he posits an oncoming atomic apocalypse. There is a bunker ready to shelter them for a year, but it only has supplies for ten people. Zimit asks his students to decide who of them should be allowed into the shelter. The top student in the class, Petra (Sophie Lowe), initially refuses to participate, but Zimit threatens to lower James’ academic score if she doesn’t.

Zimit distributes cards to the students, starting with Petra’s boyfriend, James (Rhys Wakefield), followed by Petra herself, and then the rest of the class. The cards contain a detail about their characters in the exercise: James is an organic farmer and Petra is an engineer. The students defend their right to enter the shelter based on the info on their cards, and votes are given after discussion. Students with skills judged useful for survival are allowed in, such as James and Petra, while those who don’t are refused, such as Beatrice (Maia Mitchell), a fashion designer. Zimit is part of the exercise but his skills are hidden. At first the students agree to let him in, but Zimit executes the students who have been rejected, citing that it is more humane than letting them die by radiation. The remaining students race into the bunker and lock the glass door behind them before the explosion. Outside, Zimit holds up a card saying that only he has the exit code. After living out the year in the bunker, the survivors discover that the exit code is necessary. All attempts of breaking out of the bunker are futile, and after the food runs out they commit group suicide.

They decide to try the exercise again, this time with the apocalypse being the explosion of a volcano. The cards given earlier are revealed to contain a secondary detail, and these change the votes, eg. Georgina (Bonnie Wright), who was allowed in earlier because of her status as a surgeon, now has possibly contracted the Ebola virus and is rejected. Petra and James are still voted in despite James’ additional character detail of being gay. Zimit and the chosen students enter the bunker, and agree to start procreating immediately. Various heterosexual pairs get together, but as James is gay in this exercise, Petra has to sleep with Zimit. After ten weeks there are no pregnancies, and Zimit argues that they need to change partners. Bonnie (Katie Findlay), a soldier with eidetic memory, protests this, and Zimit threatens her with a gun. Jack (Freddie Stroma) attacks Zimit, stabbing him with a pencil. Zimit staggers to the bunker’s doors, opening them and killing everyone.

James questions Zimit’s motives for this exercise, asking why he seems intent on punishing them. After checking the box with the cards, James discovers that his and Petra’s were fixed, though Zimit refuses to explain his reasons.

The exercise is carried out a third time on an island where bombs are about to fall. Petra asks if everyone will trust her to choose who gets to enter the bunker, and they agree. She picks people who are a potential risk or have non-technical skills, including the opera singer and poet, which angers Zimit. Petra refuses to enter the bunker, asking for the keys to the boats so everyone else can try to escape the blast. Chips (Daryl Sabara), who is inside the bunker, pretends to offer the keys but switches places with her, pushing her inside as the door closes. Zimit is refused entry to the bunker as his exit code is no longer necessary—Bonnie remembers it from the previous iteration. Petra continues the thought exercise, explaining that with such people in the bunker the one year was enjoyable and filled with creativity. When it’s time for them to leave, they discover that the bombs never fell. Zimit narrates that now they will die, as none of them have the technical skills to survive, but Petra counters that they will live the rest of their short lives well, and will welcome death when it arrives. Zimit arrives at the beach, having survived in a cave for the past year, and threatens to shoot James, but the rest of the survivors stand in front of him.

Back in class, Zimit is discomfited by the latest exercise. At the end of the session, everyone leaves except Petra, who confronts Zimit and accuses him of trying to use the exercise to punish her and James. Zimit has been having an affair with Petra, and is offended that she is with James, who he considers beneath her. Petra argues that intelligence isn’t all that matters. The film ends with Zimit alone in the school, going through the motions.

E. McGregor, E. Bremner, J.L. Miller

T2 Trainspotting / T2: Trainspotting (2017)

– Dramat

– Druga część kultowego filmu lat dziewięćdziesiątych XX wieku, dzięki której poznamy dalsze losy Marka Rentona (Ewan McGregor). Dowiemy się, czy rzeczywiście udało mu się wyrwać na dobre z brudnego, podziemnego życia Edynburga i heroinowego nałogu, przestępczego półświatka, w którym każdy czyn motywowany jest narkotykowym głodem.

– After twenty years of estrangement, Mark Renton returns home to Edinburgh from Amsterdam, where he lives with his wife. His father lives alone since the death of Mark’s mother. Daniel „Spud” Murphy struggles with his heroin addiction and its legacy, which impacts on his long-suffering partner Gail and their son Fergus. Simon „Sick Boy” Williamson continues to live a life of crime and dodgy-dealing, working as landlord of a pub in Leith called Port Sunshine bequeathed to him by his aunt, while pursuing a sideline in blackmail and growing cannabis plants in the basement. Francis „Franco” Begbie is serving a 25-year prison sentence and has just been denied parole due to his violent temper. After visiting his father and stopping by his old bedroom, Mark goes to visit Spud at his flat, finding him in a desperate condition; Spud is trying to commit suicide by taping a plastic bag around his head in an attempt at self-asphyxiation. Mark breaks the door down and saves Spud, who initially does not welcome the intervention, but Mark wants to help him out of his heroin addiction and to reconcile with Simon, who remains angry with Mark for betraying them (though according to Mark, Simon would have done the same).

Mark visits Simon at Port Sunshine. Though initially Simon greets Mark warmly, inquiring about his life in Amsterdam, the meeting soon develops into a full-scale fight, with both using weapons such as beer glasses and pool cues on the other. Mark has a vision of a girl holding his head while lying unconscious on the pool table, and wakes up to find Simon taking cocaine. Mark gives Simon a package containing £4000, Simon’s share of the drug deal proceeds that Mark stole 20 years earlier. Begbie purposefully hospitalises himself and subsequently escapes, taking advantage of the low security. He briefly reunites with his wife and son, and visits Simon. Simon feigns friendship with Mark as his ulterior motive, pretending to collaborate with Begbie, who is still out for revenge against Mark. Mark takes Spud running up Arthur’s Seat, and while looking over Edinburgh explains to Spud that he is an addict, but that he just needs to swap his drug addiction for something else, such as exercise.

Mark decides to stay in Edinburgh and visits Simon at his flat in Leith, where he explains that while he is married, the marriage is ending and Mark would only be returning to Amsterdam to move his stuff out of the flat he shares with his wife, who owns it. Mark also explains that three months prior, he suffered a heart condition which caused him to undergo an operation to insert a stent. Simon, Mark and Simon’s ‚partner’ Veronika travel to Glasgow, and enter a packed Orange Lodge, where they pick the pockets of the assembled clientele, stealing every bank card they find. However, the landlord refuses to let them leave without singing a song, and Mark and Simon (singing and playing piano respectively), make up a song featuring the Battle Of The Boyne in 1690, every verse ending with the line, „there were no more Catholics left!”. The three head back to Edinburgh, and assuming that the year of the battle will be the PIN of each of the bank cards, steal money from every account they can access. Simon and Mark also make a presentation at the Scottish Parliament building in an effort to secure European development funds to establish a leisure club upstairs at Simon’s pub, to be run by the mystery girl from Mark’s pool-table vision, who turns out to be Simon’s „girlfriend”, Veronika, who was also involved in Sick Boy’s blackmailing schemes.

While on the run, Begbie begins burgling houses, taking along his son Frank Jr, who he sees as a chip off the old block, while Frank Jr’s aspirations lie in attending college. Begbie sells his stolen goods to his old friend Mikey Forrester, who is now a successful „businessman”. While in Forrester’s warehouse, Begbie opens a fridge to find bags containing thousands of Viagra tablets, and boxes of the same. He takes some of the tablets and goes to a nightclub. While in the toilets, Begbie and Renton accidentally meet but Renton escapes, by jumping on the roof of a car leaving a parking garage and riding it into the street, where he falls off and runs off.

Begbie then visits Spud to find out where Mark is hiding, and discovers that Spud (who is working for Simon, renovating the top floor of Port Sunshine which is to be used as Veronika’s „leisure club”) is writing down pages of reminiscences of events from years prior featuring Mark, Simon and the others. Veronika coincidentally visits Spud at the same time. Using Veronika’s mobile phone, Begbie deceives both Simon and Mark, texting both independently and requesting they meet at Simon’s pub. Veronika and Spud, using Spud’s forgery skills which he discovered whilst in jail, move the funding money to Veronika’s bank account. Veronika asks Spud to go away with her. Spud refuses. Veronika offers Spud half of the money, and Spud refuses this, saying that he is a junkie and would only spend it on drugs, and instead bequeaths it to Gail and Fergus. Simon and Mark meet at the specified time just as Spud arrives to warn them of Begbie’s trap. Before they can escape, Begbie arrives and a fight breaks out, knocking Simon unconscious and chasing Mark upstairs, where he reveals that he once murdered a man whilst thinking about Mark and his betrayal 20 years earlier, explaining his prison sentence. Mark escapes into the roof space, Begbie follows and pushes him off, resulting in Mark getting his neck caught in cables, and he begins choking to death as Begbie watches. Simon and Spud both save Mark after attacking Begbie, who then pulls out a shotgun and prepares to shoot Mark and Simon, but Spud knocks him unconscious with a toilet bowl.

Mark, Simon and Spud, finally fed up with Begbie, deposit him back to the doors of the prison in a car boot. Veronika keeps the money she stole off Simon and Mark, returning to Bulgaria to reunite with her son. Spud begins a new career as a writer, and his writings form the basis of a book. Mark reconciles his friendship with Simon and moves back into his parent’s home, embracing his father before going into his bedroom and playing „Lust for Life” on his record player.

D. DeHaan, J. Isaacs, M. Goth

Lekarstwo na życie / A Cure for Wellness (2016)LEKARSTWO NA ŻYCIE / A CURE FOR WELLNESS (2016)

– Dramat, Fantasy, Horror

– Głównym bohaterem filmu jest młody i ambitny pracownik korporacji. Otrzymuje zadanie, by przywieźć z powrotem do firmy swojego szefa, który znajduje się w ośrodku odnowy biologicznej w szwajcarskich Alpach. Nie jest to zwykłe miejsce, bowiem oferuje ono oczyszczenie duchowe i lekarstwo na wszystkie problemy współczesnego świata. Bohater odkrywa mroczne sekrety placówki i w następstwie tego musi stoczyć walkę o swoje życie i zdrowie psychiczne…

– An ambitious young executive is sent to retrieve his company’s CEO from an idyllic but mysterious “wellness center” at a remote location in the Swiss Alps. He soon suspects that the spa’s miraculous treatments are not what they seem. When he begins to unravel its terrifying secrets, his sanity is tested, as he finds himself diagnosed with the same curious illness that keeps all the guests here longing for the cure.

V. Diesel, J. Statham, D. Johnson

Szybcy i wściekli 8 / The Fate of the Furious (2017)SZYBCY I WŚCIEKLI 8 / THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS (2017)

 – Akcja, Przygodowy, Kryminalny


 – Dom i Letty cieszą się swym miesiącem miodowym, Brian i Mia wycofali się z gry, a reszcie ekipy udało się znaleźć oczyszczającą namiastkę normalnego życia. To właśnie wtedy pojawia się ona. Tajemnicza kobieta, która wciąga Doma w niebezpieczny świat, z którego nie ma ucieczki. Dom zdradzi najbliższych. Wszystkich czeka czas pełen prób i testów, jakich nie widzieliśmy dotąd w kinie. Od wybrzeży Kuby przez ulice Nowego Jorku po lody arktycznego morza Barentsa – Szybcy i wściekli przemierzą świat, by powstrzymać zło i chaos. I uratować tego, który uczynił ich rodziną.

 – Dominic „Dom” Toretto and Letty Ortiz are on their honeymoon in Havana when Dom is challenged to a street race at an auto show by local racer Fernando. Dom races for Fernando’s car, intending to give it to his cousin, while wagering his own show car. After narrowly winning the race, Dom allows Fernando to keep his car, earning his respect, and instead leaves his cousin with his show car. The next day, Dom is approached by elusive cyberterrorist Cipher, who coerces him into working for her.

Shortly after the encounter, Dom and his team, comprising Letty, Roman Pearce, Tej Parker, and Ramsey, are recruited by Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) agent Luke Hobbs to help him retrieve an EMP device from a military outpost in Berlin. During the getaway, Dom goes rogue, forcing Hobbs off the road and stealing the device for Cipher. Hobbs is arrested and locked up in the same high-security prison he helped imprison Deckard Shaw in. After escaping, both are recruited by intelligence operative Mr. Nobody and his protégé, Little Nobody, to help the team find Dom and capture Cipher.

Deckard reveals that Cipher was the mastermind of previous encounters with the team, such as employing his brother Owen Shaw to steal the Nightshade device and orchestrating the attempted theft of God’s Eye, Ramsey’s software program. The team tracks Dom and Cipher to their very location just as they attack the base and steal God’s Eye. When Dom begins to question Cipher’s motives, she reveals that she has held Dom’s ex-lover and DSS agent Elena Neves – as well as their son, whose existence Dom was previously unaware of – hostage in order to keep Dom loyal to her. Elena tells Dom that the child was born as a result of an unintended pregnancy, and that she wanted him to decide the child’s first name, having already given him the middle name Marcos.

Cipher then sends Dom to New York City to retrieve a nuclear football held by the Russian Minister of Defence. Dom manages to evade her for a short time through a diversion created by Fernando, allowing him to meet with and persuade Deckard and Owen’s mother, Magdalene Shaw, to help. The team intercepts Dom after he steals the nuclear football, but Dom escapes, shooting and apparently killing Deckard in the process. Cipher facilitates Dom’s escape by hacking into all of the autonomous cars in the city and reprogramming them to auto-drive, wreaking havoc throughout the city. Letty catches up to Dom, but is ambushed and nearly killed by Cipher’s enforcer, Connor Rhodes, before Dom rescues her. In retaliation, Cipher has Rhodes kill Elena in front of Dom.

Dom is then sent to Russia to use the EMP device to disable a nuclear submarine, enabling Cipher to hijack it and attempt to use its arsenal to trigger a nuclear war. They are once again intercepted by the team, provided with modified vehicles by Petty. Meanwhile, Deckard, who had faked his death and been extracted by Tego Leo and Rico Santos, former members of Dom’s team, infiltrates Cipher’s plane to rescue Dom’s son at Magdalene’s behest, with the help of Owen. Once Deckard reports that the child is safe, Dom turns on Cipher and kills Rhodes, avenging Elena’s death, before rejoining his team. Outraged, Cipher launches an infrared homing missile at Dom, but he breaks away from his team and maneuvers around it, causing the missile to hit the submarine instead. The team quickly forms a vehicular blockade around Dom, shielding him from the ensuing explosion. When Deckard reaches the front of the plane and confronts Cipher, she makes her escape by parachuting out of the plane.

Mr. Nobody and Little Nobody visit Dom and his team in New York City to report that Cipher is still at large. Hobbs is offered his DSS job back, but he declines in order to spend more time with his daughter. Deckard then arrives to return Dom’s son, putting his differences aside with Dom and Hobbs in the process, and is accepted into their family. Dom decides to name his son Brian, after his friend and brother-in-law Brian O’Conner, and they celebrate.

D. Johnson, Z. Efron, A. Daddario


 – Akcja, Komedia

 – Słoneczne plaże Emerald City. Tłum ludzi opalających się na ręcznikach, a między nimi przechadzający się ratownicy pilnujący porządku. Dowodzi nimi Mitch Buchanan (Dwayne Johnson), facet który ma ambicje strzec nie tylko przestrzegania prawa na swojej plaży, ale także w jej okolicach. Stąd jego vendetta przeciwko Victorii Leeds (Priyanka Chopra), która w swoim kasynie handluje narkotykami.

Jak co roku załoga Baywatch ma zostać poszerzona o nowych członków, którzy by zdobyć pracę muszą jako pierwsi ukończyć wymyślny wyścig z przeszkodami. Jednym z kandydatów jest były podwójny mistrz olimpijski w pływaniu – Matt Brody (Zac Efron) mający na plaży odpracować godziny społeczne wyznaczone przez sąd. Chłopak nie lubi działać w grupie, a jego nowy przełożony działa mu na nerwy.

 –  In Emerald Bay, Florida, Lt. Mitch Buchannon and his team of lifeguards, including second-in-commmand Stephanie Holden and veteran C.J. Parker, protect the beaches and the bay as part of an elite division known as Baywatch. Having made over 500 rescues in his career, Mitch is beloved by the community, to the annoyance of local beat cop Garner Ellerbee and Mitch’s superior, Captain Thorpe. During one of his morning patrols, Mitch discovers a small pouch of drugs washed up near the Huntley Club, which is now under the ownership of businesswoman Victoria Leeds.

At the upcoming tryouts for new lifeguards, three people stand out: surfer Summer Quinn, an old friend of Holden’s, Ronnie, a chubby nerd with a crush on C.J., and Matt Brody, a former Olympic swimmer who fell from grace after vomiting during a race and now has to perform community service as part of an unspecified plea deal. Quinn and Ronnie both pass the trials, but Brody refuses to do so and insists that his celebrity alone entitles him to a place on the team. Despite Brody demonstrating his abilities by assisting in the rescue of a drowning woman and her son, Mitch complains to Thorpe that he is unfit. Thorpe, in turn, insists that rehabilitating his image is necessary to convince the city not to further cut Baywatch’s funding.

As Brody begins his training under Mitch, it becomes clear that he is developing a crush on Quinn. The team is called into action when a private yacht catches fire, during which Brody disobeys orders and dives directly under the flames, causing him to nearly drown before Holden and C.J. save him. Most of the boat’s occupants are saved, with the exception of a deceased man identified as a city official. When Mitch tries to investigate his body, Ellerbee shows up and informs him that he is not a cop and has no business trying to solve a crime. Brody makes it clear that he agrees, which causes a rift between him and the other lifeguards who support Mitch.

At a party held by Leeds, Brody botches his role as lookout by getting drunk; Mitch retaliates by humiliating him in front of the crowd. Brody, who is effectively broke and homeless because of his poor life choices, goes to him the next morning and begs for a second chance. Mitch agrees and takes him and Quinn to infiltrate the city morgue, where they record two of Leeds’ men planting a falsified autopsy report to cover up the fact that the councilman was murdered on her orders. Unfortunately, they are discovered, and though Mitch manages to subdue and capture one of them, the recording is destroyed and Ellerbee is forced to release their suspect on a lack of evidence. Angered, Thorpe threatens to fire Mitch if he oversteps his authority again.

Convinced that Leeds is running drugs out of the Huntley, Mitch and Brody go undercover and sneak into the club kitchen, where they witness her workers retrieving the drugs from barrels of fish and processing them. They contact Ellerbee, only to learn that another body has been found on the beach. Thorpe, enraged that Mitch essentially deserted his post, fires him and names Brody as the new lieutenant. Brody accepts the job reluctantly, and Mitch takes a job as a cellphone salesman.

After finding another pouch of drugs on the beach, Brody steals the second victim’s report from Ellerbee and brings it to Quinn, who confirms his suspicion that the man was murdered. Ronnie, upon recognizing the victim as his friend Dave, helps Brody hack into Leeds’ servers, revealing her plan to privatize the entire beach by systematically buying out or eliminating every competing business owner.

The team infiltrates a private party on Leeds’ personal yacht, discovering how she’s been using the hull to smuggle the drugs. Brody is captured and placed in a bait cage to be drowned, and a gloating Leeds reveals that she bribed the corrupt Thorpe to set Mitch up so he could justify firing him before pushing the cage into the water. Just before Brody drowns, Mitch appears and saves him.

The two catch up to Leeds, while Ronnie and C.J. use fireworks to prevent her escape helicopter from landing. Just as they run out, a wounded Mitch, having intentionally stung himself with a sea urchin to boost his adrenaline, uses a Roman candle to blow Leeds up, saving Brody once again. Ellerbee arrives and takes Thorpe into custody, apologizing to Mitch for doubting him.

In the aftermath, Mitch formally inducts Quinn, Ronnie, and Brody into Baywatch and introduces their new captain: Casey Jean.

J. Gallagher Jr., T. Goldwyn, A. Arjona


– Akcja, Thriller, Horror

– Dla grupy osiemdziesięciu trzech amerykańskich ekspatriantów miejsce pracy w São Paulo staje się pułapką. Głos emitowany z systemu audio zmusza ich do podejmowania krańcowych decyzji.

– In a twisted social experiment, 80 Americans are locked in their high-rise corporate office in Bogotá, Colombia and ordered by an unknown voice coming from the company’s intercom system to participate in a deadly game of kill or be killed.

M. Fassbender, K. Waterston, B. Crudup

Obcy: Przymierze / Alien Covenant (2017)OBCY: PRZYMIERZE / ALIEN COVENANT (2017)

 –  Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

 – Statek osadniczy Przymierze dociera na nieznaną planetę, która wydaje się być prawdziwym rajem dla człowieka. Członkowie ekspedycji szybko się jednak przekonują, że trafili do mrocznego, pełnego tajemnic i zagadek świata, którego jedynym mieszkańcem jest android David, ocalały z katastrofy Prometeusza. Gdy odkrywają, że świat ten kryje w sobie niewyobrażalne zagrożenie, muszą podjąć przerażającą próbę ucieczki.

 – In a prologue, Peter Weyland speaks with his newly-activated synthetic, who chooses the name „David” for himself, after looking at a replica of Michelangelo’s statue of the same name. Weyland tells David that one day they will search for mankind’s creator together.

In 2104, the colonization ship Covenant is bound for a remote planet, Origae-6, with two thousand colonists and a thousand embryos onboard. The ship is monitored by Walter, a newer synthetic physically resembling the earlier David model. A neutrino burst damages the ship, and kills some of of the colonists. Walter orders the computer to wake the crew from stasis, but the ship’s captain, Branson, dies when his pod malfunctions. As the crew repairs the damage to the ship, they pick up a radio transmission from a nearby unknown planet. Against the objections of Daniels, Branson’s widow, succeeding captain Oram decides to investigate, as the planet appears to be even better suited for colonization than Origae-6 and the crew is reluctant to return to their stasis pods after witnessing their captain’s demise.

An expedition team descends to the planet’s surface and tracks the transmission’s signal to a crashed Engineer ship. While on the surface, security team members Ledward and Hallett are inadvertently infected with alien spores. Karine, Oram’s wife, helps the rapidly sickening Ledward back to the lander, where pilot Tennessee’s wife, Maggie, quarantines them both inside the med-bay. A Neomorph bursts from Ledward’s back, killing him, then mauls Karine to death. Maggie tries to shoot the quickly growing creature but accidentally hits a gas tank, causing an explosion which destroys the lander and kills her. The Neomorph manages to escape to the planet’s surface while another such creature bursts from Hallett’s throat, killing him.

The two Neomorphs attack the remaining crew members and kill Ankor. The crew manages to kill one of the aliens before David, a survivor of the Prometheus mission, rescues the crew and leads them to a city full of Engineer corpses. In order to gain the confidence of the crew, David deliberately deceives them by claiming that upon his and Dr. Elizabeth Shaw’s arrival at the planet, their Engineer ship accidentally released a black liquid bioweapon which killed the native population, and that the ship crashed in the ensuing chaos, killing Shaw. As the crew members attempt to radio the Covenant for help, the surviving Neomorph infiltrates the city and decapitates Rosenthal, who was separated from the others. David attempts to communicate with the creature and is horrified when Oram kills it. At Oram’s demand, David reveals that the aliens are a result of his experimenting with the black liquid to create a new species. He leads Oram to an incubation chamber and tricks him into being embraced by a facehugger, which implants Oram with an embryo. A Xenomorph soon erupts from Oram’s chest, killing him.

As the others search for Oram and Rosenthal, Walter confronts David after realizing that David had deliberately unleashed the black liquid upon the Engineers. David disables Walter and captures Daniels, revealing to her that he also murdered Shaw and used her corpse for his experiments. Walter reactivates himself and fights David, allowing Daniels to escape while Lope is attacked by the facehugger. Cole saves Lope before they are ambushed by the now mature Xenomorph, which kills Cole. Tennessee arrives in another lander to extract Daniels, Lope, and the seemingly victorious Walter. They kill the Xenomorph before docking with the Covenant; however, Lope had been implanted with another Xenomorph, which bursts from his chest on the ship before quickly maturing and killing crew members Ricks and Upworth. With Walter’s help, Tennessee and Daniels corner the creature in the Covenant‚s airlock and flush it into space.

The Covenant resumes its original destination of Origae-6, and the surviving crew re-enters stasis. As Walter puts Daniels under, she realizes that Walter is actually David, but is unable to escape her stasis pod before falling asleep. Alone, David regurgitates two alien embryos and places them in cold storage alongside the human embryos, before using Walter’s name to record a log stating that all crew members except Daniels and Tennessee were killed by the neutrino blast at the beginning of the film.

S. Allan, J. T. Austin, T. Farmiga


 – Animowany, Akcja, Przygodowy

 – Tara Markov to dziewczyna która ma moc kontrolowania żywiołu ziemi i kamieni, ale jest także kimś więcej niż się wydaje. Czy nowa członkini Teen Titans to sojuszniczka, czy zagrożenie? I jakie plany wobec Teen Titan ma Deathstroke?

 –  Five years ago, the original Teen Titans (Dick Grayson as Robin, Speedy, Kid Flash, Beast Boy, and Bumblebee) rescue the Tamaran Princess Starfire from her captors sent by her evil sister, Blackfire. As she is no longer able to return to her planet, the Titans offer her a home on Earth.

In the present Dick Grayson (now Nightwing) rejoins the Titans to track down a terrorist cult led by Brother Blood, who plans on capturing the team to absorb their powers with a machine that he has tested on Jericho (whom his assistant, Mother Mayhem, quickly shoots afterwards). Blood hires the mercenary Deathstroke to deliver the Titans to him, which he obliges to do for both the money and the chance to get revenge on Damian Wayne. Deathstroke monitors the Titans through his double agent that joined the team a year prior, Terra, whom he rescued after her parents turned their whole village against her and tortured her. When Damian grows suspicious of Terra’s behavior and starts tracking her, he is captured by her and Deathstroke.

Terra acts cold and distant towards the other Titans despite their welcoming attitude, but eventually warms up to them over time. During the night celebrating her one year anniversary with the Titans, she shares a tender moment with Beast Boy and kisses him. The next day, Deathstroke kidnaps Blue Beetle at the soup kitchen he works at, Beast Boy at a convention where he thought he would do a podcast with filmmaker Kevin Smith, and Starfire at the apartment shared by her and Nightwing. Dick discovers what happened to the other Titans and is attacked by Deathstroke at his apartment. He manages to escape by faking his own death, while Terra captures Raven.

Deathstroke and Terra bring the Titans to Brother Blood, but since the machine cannot operate properly without a sixth Titan (as Slade failed to capture Nightwing), Slade offers him Terra instead. Blood starts draining the Titans of their powers, but they are rescued by Nightwing. Nightwing and Robin fight Deathstroke while the rest take on Brother Blood (whom has absorbed all of their powers). The two villains are stopped by the intervention of Terra, who is enraged at Slade for his betrayal. Blood is depowered by Raven and killed by Mother Mayhem while Deathstroke is buried underneath multiple rocks thrown by Terra. Too ashamed to face her former friends/allies after betraying their trust, Terra decides to bring down the entire area. Beast Boy attempts to assist Terra in escaping the crumbling fortress, but Terra pushes him back and is buried underneath multiple layers of rubble. Beast Boy digs her up and she dies in his arms.

In the epilogue, Beast Boy goes on Kevin Smith’s podcast and talks about the Titans with the host. He mentions that the team has a „wonderful” new member and that he will miss Terra. In a post-credits scene, Jericho is shown to have survived the bullet Mother Mayhem shot at him earlier.